Cry Wolf

20. Southern Rise. No Longer a Lost Boy.

I'm not the same guy you kissed; I'm a miserable shit.


and I’ve learned to love myself more than I could ever love you

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And to be honest, I couldn’t care to fix this.
The weather is always changing and I swear that I don’t mind.

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Trapped Under Ice Pleased to Meet You

I can’t believe how stupid you must be to follow everything that you read, hear, and see. You could never walk the path that I walk. You’re too afraid of the risk involved.

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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - $100 Tip

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And I hear you’ve ended up fine.

And I’ve heard you’re making out alright.

I’ve heard you still don’t like the cold outside,

And I’ve heard you still got trouble tracking time.

And I heard you said one time,

That I never even fucking cross your mind.

I guess I’ll act like that’s fine,

But you should know that you cross mine all the time.

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Erase Myself - Incendiary

Cut the rope so I can breathe 
I’m losing my mind while I’m speaking it 
And I mean every fucking word 
Wasting away, rot and decay, erase myself.

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i come begging,
i come crawling,
right back to your bed.
try not to think but your memory,
always rears its ugly head.

a circle i can’t break,
a past i can’t escape.
no matter what i do,
it all comes back to you.
regret that i can’t shake,
the choices that i make.
no matter what i do,
it all comes back to you.

some come, some more go,
but you still fill up my skull.
old habits are hard to break,
but they don’t even come close.

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expire @ todays mixtape festival, LI 

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